November 2018

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Orientation Day

Corinne Cahen at the Orientation Day for CAI signatories

Give to non-Luxembourgers the means to become better integrated 


Integration is a process needing the will of non-Luxembourgers on one hand, and the help of the host society on the other hand.

 It is what Corinne Cahen, Minister of Family and Integration, reminded us on the Orientation Day organized by the Office luxembourgeois de l’accueil et de l’intégration for the signatories of the welcome and integration contract (CAI,

 The orientation day, as well as the other offered services part of the CAI, aims to give the signatories a better understanding of the languages, the culture, the economy and the institutions of Luxembourg. The idea is to provide them with the necessary means to get more involved in the economic, cultural, social and as well political life of the country.

 In this context, the Minister reminded us that non-Luxembourgers already have the right to vote for municipal and European elections under certain terms, and that one of the referendum of the 7. June’s issues concerns the extension of this right to legislative elections.

The full room witnessed the will of foreigners to become integrated, and the success of the CAI. This success got further confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Luxembourg. Indeed, it revealed that a large majority of participants confirmed being satisfied with the CAI and its utility in the integration process.

(photo : Tim Lecomte)